Music Challenge Day 28 – A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

Well, dear readers, we have come to an impasse.  Usually I can sit back for a couple of minutes and think of a good example of a song to write about.  But this challenge is pretty close to impossible for me.  I believe it was the noted scholar Ralph Wiggum who once said “Me fail grammar?  That’s unpossible!”.  And now, on Music Challenge Day 28, I have to admit that “Me Fail Challenge”.  I honestly cannot think of a single song that makes me feel guilty.

I would guess that the intent of the challenge was to conjure up a remembrance of an event where you wronged someone.  Perhaps a relationship break-up for a really superficial reason, or you forgot about someone’s birthday.  I’ve searched the memory banks all day, and came up with nothing.  I try to treat people as well as possible, and truth be known I don’t have an extensive list of people with whom I interact.  So the list of things I feel guilty about is perilously short, and the number of those situations that are linked to music is zero.

All I can do is promise to come up with something better to write about tomorrow.  So, hey, take the rest of the day off!


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