Oh, The Drama!

So we’ve counted down 9 of the top 10 albums so far, and we’re rapidly approaching the Grand Reveal on New Year’s Eve.  This blog has 2 regular readers, if you include the spammers that keep trying to use my site to sell boner pills on the Internet (god bless ’em, but I don’t need your product – just trust me on this one).

The anticipation for what will be my #1 record continues to build.  The Internet waits with baited breath to see what the Craven Hermit deems as his favourite for 2011.  He hasn’t mentioned modern rock linchpins like R.E.M. or Radiohead or even popular favourite Coldplay yet.  Could they be #1?  Or will he go off-the-board and pick something underground?

Stay tuned, dear readers… and don’t forget to post a comment if you wish to register a dissenting opinion.


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