The WHOLE Whole Love

If you’ve been visiting this blog for the past little while, you might have seen my Top Ten Favourite Albums of 2011 countdown.  On New Years Eve, I posted my ode to Wilco’s The Whole Love, which I humbly suggested was the best thing I heard last year.

Wilco is a band that likes to go the extra mile and offer neat things to their fans.  Their merch site is loaded with the usual (t-shirts, CDs, and so on) but they also do some really cool & unusual things, too.  Right now they’re selling a series of custom guitar straps, many different limited-run gig posters, tote bags, ‘middles’ for vinyl 45s, and even a giant unipo.  It’s all part of promoting a community atmosphere with their fans.

One thing that caught my eye in the store was a very cool hand-made box for storing the various vinyl releases for The Whole Love.  To recap, the first release was a 45 for the single “I Might”, which I bought on clear vinyl:

Then, of course, there was the double-vinyl release of the main album:

And then on Black Friday in November, the Speak Into The Rose EP came out, on snazzy red vinyl:

Late last week, the UPS lady arrived at my front door with a package from the USA.  My Whole Love vinyl box had finally arrived!  It’s a very heavy cardboard container, with a slide-out sleeve:

Here’s what it looks like with the vinyl partially tucked into the sleeve:

Then you slide the sleeve into the box shell, and voila!

All put together, it looks great and feels substantial:

I’ll have to find a spot for it next to my turntable, because the treasures inside are sure to get a lot of spins in 2012.


3 thoughts on “The WHOLE Whole Love

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