Sometimes the only constant in my life is change.

About a week ago, I quit my job. I left my employer of sixteen years over “creative differences”. Once upon a time, Roger Waters split acrimoniously from the rest of the band he co-founded, Pink Floyd. Around the same time, David Lee Roth had enough of the Van Halen brothers’ limitations and split from their band. Both men had a vision of what they wanted to accomplish artistically, and it simply didn’t gel with their former bands. And so it came to pass that I could no longer stand to work for my former employer. I miss a handful of my former co-workers terribly, but even those incredible bonds weren’t enough to make me want to put up with the corporate bullshit any longer.

It was time for a change.

Over the past week, I have been working on some landscaping projects around my yard. I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking – about the past, present and future. About friendships that have seemingly dissolved, and the gaping holes they’ve left behind. About some of the challenging construction tasks I’m tackling around my house. About what lies next for me, both professionally and personally. My chosen lifestyle has provided me with a pretty great life, but no one to share it with. This needs to change.

On my last day of work, I was a smorgasbord of emotions. As the clock struck 5 pm, I retreated to the only safe haven I know. I went downtown to my favourite record shop. Nothing beats a little retail therapy to lift one’s spirits. I found a cool record – the latest from Real Estate – but I came up empty once again looking for one specific title. One guaranteed to shake me out of my funk. When I got home, I found it on Amazon and placed an order. And so it came to pass that I acquired my import copy of the glorious Dear Science record. You might even say that I found TV on the Radio on the Internet on Vinyl. On sale, too 🙂

TV on the Radio - Dear Science (vinyl)

I’m sitting in my trusty man cave tonight, spinning records and letting my imagination run wild over what lies ahead. It’s simultaneously thrilling and frightening. So many possibilities, and yet so many chances for things to fly completely off the rails. Will I have a successful solo career, or will I never transcend my former glories?  Thankfully, no matter where I go from here I’ll have my music along for the ride, charting the changes.


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