I may not understand much about life. I don’t know why it’s sometimes so hard to sustain friendships with those you care about. I don’t understand the pervasive appeal of shitty ‘bands’ like Maroon 5. I can’t fathom why we park on driveways yet we drive on parkways.

Yet I do know that the new album by the Rural Alberta Advantage, titled Mended With Gold, is pretty damn amazing.


It’s brilliant, beginning to end. Melodic, rhythmic, and heartwarming in equal measures. This much I know.


2 thoughts on “The RAA

  1. I’m curious about your audio rig! I can see (very nice and Canadian!) PSB tower speakers, a Pro-Ject turntable (I’m gonna guess that’s a 1Xpression Carbon Classic), and a (Sony?) receiver. Do you own any other gear? How do you like that Ortofon 2M Red cartridge? What kind of record clamp are you using? Do you tweak, if so, how/what (speaker cable, power cable, special feet, AC filtration, etc)? Finally, I’d love to hear how you clean your vinyl…thanks!

    • You spotted a lot of the right things in that fuzzy basement photo! Come to think of it, a full rundown of my current listening gear (and my wish list) would make for a good blog post. Maybe I’ll have time to write one this weekend. Stay tuned!

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